Ac / Dc Remote Control Emergency Lamp


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The product has 22 High-brightness LEDs which fall into a group of 8 and group of 14.  Both groups can be turned on, or you can switch on 1 group at a time in order to save engery.  When mains supply is cut off, its emergency function will automatically switch on the light.

These functions can be controlled by a remote control (included in package).

There are two high-capacity batteries inside, which makes the duration time longer.  The built-in protection cicuit prevents the batteries from over charging.

The remote control can reach a distance of 10 meters..

Operation Introduction:

Ac key:  light on

DC key: The light is not on when mains supply is normal

Light will turn on automatically when the power supply is cut off.



Battery:  1000Ma/H maintenance Free sealed lead acid battery

LED:  22 Grains

Package size 110 x 110 x 110mm



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