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Self defense stun gun with led flashlight

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This  premium self-defense flashlight employing the latest technology to ensure maximum performance and reliability.
Flash light: To active the Led light, move the on/ off switch to the center position.
Stun gun: Move the on/ off switch to the on position. The red light will illuminate showing the stun gun is armed. To active the high voltage press the stun button above the light.
Recharge: The AC plug by sliding the button on the bottom of the stun gun. Plug into a standard 110V/ 220V about 5 hours.
Test: With the  self defense stun gun armed, press the stun button for one second or less. A bright spark will jump across the electrodes.
White the stun gun armed, hold the electrodes against the body of the assailant and press the stun button.
The most effective stun locations are the shoulder, hip, thigh, buttocks, and below the rib cage.
While holding the stun gun against the body, you will not see or hear the spark. You can continue to fire the stun gun as long as necessary without damage to the unit as would occur if testing in dry air.

Effects of the stun gun: A shock from a stun gun lasting one second or less will cause pain and minor muscle contractions. Stunning the assailant for one to two seconds will cause muscle spasms and a dazes mental state. Stunning the assailant for three to five seconds will cause loss of balance and muscle control.
Source voltage: 7.2V
Output pulse voltage: 2800KV
Current consumption: 1.9A for electric shock; 0.8A for illumination
Color: Black
Size: 14.2 x 4.5 x 2.5cm
Weight: 254g


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