Slender 44 Quick Flush combo (2 x One Month supply)



Special includes 3 sets of Slender 44 quick flush combo.

Each Quick flush combo contains 1 x Slender 44 5-in-1 and 1 x Slender 44 Magnesium powerder. Our normal price is R350 for 1 month supply.  For only R600 you receive 3 months of supply

✔ Flush your colon with 1 X Slender 44 Magnesium powder to lose up to 2 – 4 kg or even more in 7 days:


Did you know that currently you are likely carrying an extra 2 – 4 kg of excess matter or faces?? – When the digestive process is impaired, foods do not completely digest, therefore your body can’t get rid of it.  These foods end up fermenting/rotting inside your body as that is all that is left for them to do.  Understandably so this rotten ‘trapped’ food can cause all sorts of health issues.  Although Magnesium powder is not approved for conditions like head splitting headaches, migraines, fatigue, mood swings, sleeping disorders, depression, anxiety or tiredness our data suggest that some clients traditionally use magnesium for these conditions.  Just think about it for 1 second:  If these conditions is caused by fermenting food in your colon, getting rid of the problem means you will also get rid of the consequences.  Slender 44 magnesium powder is an easy method of complete oxygenation of the gastro-intestinal tract.  The Process of oxidation is the most effective and safest way to break down, detoxify and eliminate the solidified waste material that has accumulated in the small and large intestines.  Oxidation actually breaks down this waste into gas and water and more often than not, there is a lot of it.  Watery bowel movements may be experienced for a period of time.  The watery bowel is not diarrhoea and will not dehydrate you if you are drinking enough pure water.  In diarrhoea the water is sucked out of the rest of the body to dilute the toxic emergency in your colon which causes dehydration.  Slender 44 magnesium powder creates water in your colon by oxidation of toxic waste.  Diarrhoea is usually acidic where Slender 44 magnesium powder creates an alkaline bowel.  This will eventually stop depending on how much toxicity you have accumulated in your colon.  Slender 44 Magnesium Powder is non-habit forming.  It will provide the most effective means to do the dirtiest, nastiest clean up job in your body.  It is best taken first thing in the morning or last thing at night 30 – 60 minutes before a meal.  Dissolve 1 teaspoon of Slender 44 magnesium powder in a quarter glass of water.  You may add some freshly squeezed lemon juice.  Stir and drink.  Click on the link below for product specific information.

Slender 44 Magnesium powder


✔ Get rid of water retention, suppress our appetite, boost your metabolism, balance your hormones our 5-in-1 spray to lose an extra 2 – 3 kg in 7 – 14 days.

Click on link below for product specific information:

1 X Slender 44 5-in-1 Spray

Water retention is one of the key factors to carrying excess weight.  Most people are currently holding on to 2kg or more of excess water.  We all know that when not drinking water, your body sends out signals to hold on to the excess in case of emergency.  The first step to take to get rid of water is to drink enough water regularly so that your body don’t feel the need to hold on to the excess and instead send out signals to release the extra water.  Apart from drinking more water Slender 44 5-in-1 spray has been specially formulated, containing various herbs to combat water retention.  It also helps to suppress your appetite, boost your metabolism and balance your hormones among its many benefits.  For the first 2 weeks spray 5 sprays into the mouth 3 – 8 times per day, thereafter you can use 3 sprays, 3 times per day for 1 bottle to last up to 1 month.

Ingredients:  Alfalfa, Aloe Vera, astragalus, Fo-ti, Garcinia cambogia, African ginger, ginseng, golden rod, gotu kola, guarana, green tea, hawthorn berries, hoodia gordonii, horsetail, kelp, kola-nut, milk thistle, mountain celery, oats straw, parsley, plantain, rhubarb, sacred bark, sarsaparillia, schisandra, senna, spirulina, turmeric, uva ursi, white willow bark, wild olive, wild rosemary.

11 Kilograms in 21 Days!

Mathilda Britz Ek het 3 kg verloor (altesaam 11kg in 3 weke) met Slender 44, en dankie Hannetjie my bloed druk is reg in jare, en my bors baie verbeter, ek kan verder loop, en gebruik nie meer my rystoel.  Dankie Jesus vir dit

Mathilda Britz Testimonial Translated:  I have lost 3kg (altogether 11 kg in 3 weeks) with Slender 44, and thank you Hannetjie, my blood pressure stable for the first time in years, and my chest also improved a lot, I can walk further, and I don’t use my wheel chair.  Thank you lord for that.

25 Kilograms in 4 Months!


Belinda Nel Ek het eers net gesond begin eet en toe ek begin stilstaan na 20kg het ek Natasha ontmoed en nou na 4maande is ek altesaam 45kg ligter! Voel soos n nuwe mens en lyk ook so! Ek gaan nie weer terug na di ou Belinda toe ni! As ek dit kan doen met hulp van slender 44 en gebed kan jy ook!


Belinda Nel’s Testimonial Translated:  I first started eating healthy and then reached a plateau after 20kg’s.  I met Natasha and she suggested that I use Slender 44.  It is now 4 months later and my total weightloss is 45kg!!  I feel like a new person and look the part too!!  I am not going back to the old Belinda. I did it with the help of Slender 44 and praying, so you can do it too…..


17 Kilograms in 5 Months!

Theresa Erasmus Ek gebruik ook Slender44 en het al 17kg verloor in 5 maande. Dit vat my eetlus heeltemal weg en ek kry glad nie cravings nie. Soos wat mens gewig verloor, kry jy outomaties meer energie, en lewenslus. Ek sal enige iemand aanbeveel om dit te gebruik.

Theresa Erasmus Testimonial Translated:  I am using Slender 44 and have lost a total of 17 kg’s in 5 months.  It completely takes away my appetite and I don’t battle with cravings anymore.  As you lose cm’s you automatically gain more energy and feel like living again.  I would recommend this product to anyone. 

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